What is ToScale?

ToScale is a multi-functional cloud platform for digital assets management and professional trading on crypto exchanges in one window.

    Who is ToScale tools for?

    Our services offer full set of tools for professional traders, convenient monitoring and the ability to passively assets increase for all crypto holders - investors, miners & crypto enthusiasts.

      If you feel lack of skills or haven't hold crypto assets yet, please contact us via telegram chat or platform chat to get advice on how to start using cryptocurrencies and get benefits from it in the safest and most reliable ways!

        What is Assist?

        ASSIST - is a constructor for making your own algorithmic bots from your trading strategies.You can easily automate the trading of any crypto assets, track detailed statistics of all orders and receive individually customizable notifications of all changes.

          What is Lending?

          It is a margin LENDING algorithm for automatically reconnecting to the best asset rates offered by exchanges. The margin lending bot is highly customizing according to your preferences and don’t need often monitoring or any skills from you.

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              NOTICE: exchanges using margin lending offer this tool as risk-free for passive profit of cryptocurrency deposits

                What is Terminal?

                Trading WEB TERMINAL has wide set of functions for both manual and semi-automatic trading, as well as a convenient interface for monitoring all of your exchange accounts, orders and assets in a single window mode.

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                    Where are my funds stored?

                    Your funds remain on your exchange accounts without any withdrawal.

                      We are using the secure API to make able the connection of your funds on the exchange accounts with our services. It makes you possible to use third-party tools without transferring your funds anywhere.

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                          How secure is the funds connection to the Toscale platform?

                          Working via the international API, the ToScale platform and it’s team don’t have any access to your funds. Using the public API keys, withdrawal your funds by third parties is unpossible.

                            Even if the ToScale website will hacked, transfer or withdrawal user's funds are unavailable.

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                                How much does it cost to use Toscale services?

                                The using of all our services is FREE while we are scaling!

                                  So get the advantage and scale with us by creating an accounts right now!

                                    How to start?

                                    After the accounts on toscale.io has been created to start using services you should add public API keys from your exchange accounts to the Toscale platform, then choose the tool, asset and it’s volume, set preferences, tune on the notifications for efficient monitoring and start getting the advantages from automated operations.

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                                        What are the benefits of the ToScale platform?
                                        Our competitive advantages are:
                                        • the maximum functionality and variety of crypto management tools;
                                        • access from one window to each of them by couple clicks;
                                        • usability interface maked by professional traders;
                                        • everyday feature updates and improvements.

                                        We do everything to make the best tools ever to help you in growing your crypto assets by the most safe and diversificated way.

                                          And it’s still FREE!

                                            How to contact you?

                                            We are glad to get any proposals or feedbacks from each of you every time and are looking forward to it on admin@toscale.io

                                              You can also join our telegram chat or platform chat and ask your question to our support or community members.


                                                We often wonder about security because There are always good reasons to be skeptical of companies offering services in the field of automation of digital asset trading.

                                                  To address the security concerns of our platform, we have listed the following list of measures to protect the accounts and Exchange APIs of our users from unauthorized access:
                                                  • Toscale.io offers two-factor authentication for all user accounts.
                                                  • Control of allowed user ip addresses and authorized devices.
                                                  • Strong passwords are required for each user accounts.
                                                  • All confidential user information is encrypted both during data transfer and in a static state. Toscale.io uses AWS as AWS has a proven track record in physical security and internal control.
                                                  • User passwords are stored in encrypted form using Bcrypt in accordance with all standards.
                                                  • Exchange API keys are stored in encrypted form using Bcrypt in accordance with all standards and are decrypted only when the accounts data is synchronized or when the user performs actions with their associated accounts.
                                                  • Toscale.io uses world-class standards to protect your data from unauthorized entry. They are always protected by several levels of encryption (256-bit encryption). All website data is transmitted over encrypted HTTPS connections using SSL and TLS encryption protocol.
                                                  • We also use Amazon Web Services “AWS Shield” to prevent potential DDoS attacks.
                                                  • To prevent automatic scripting attacks, we use both
                                                  • Toscale.io conducts regular manual testing of applications and infrastructure in accordance with the OWASP top 10 standard, and compliance with these standards is checked before each deployment of the code to make sure that the code is not vulnerable.

                                                  In addition, we ask users not to use their Toscale.io password on other sites and to generate Exchange API keys with limited permissions, providing our systems with only the access the user requires to monitor, credit or trade.